Meet Our Photographers

Gina Marks


Gina was the principle photographer on this Thompson-Nicola Regional District Tourism Photo project, and has been the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission's principle locations scout and photographer since 2001. Her photos appear in the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission Locations brochure (both editions), the Wildhorse Town & Westerns brochure and three editions of the TNFC Directory of Services. Her credits also include on-set film production photography, wedding photography, events and landscapes.

Murphy O Shewchuk


More than 300 of Murphyメs magazine articles and 1,000 of his photographs have been published since 1965. They have appeared in such publications as: Adventure Travel, BC Outdoors, Camping Canada, Canadian Geographic, Field & Stream, MotorHome and Trailer Life, A Guide to Backroads and Hiking Trails in BC's Okanagan-Similkameen Region, Coquihalla Country: A Guide to the North Cascade Mountains and the Nicola Valley, Backroads Explorer Vol. 1: Thompson-Cariboo, and Cariboo Trips & Trails: A Guide to British Columbia's Cariboo Gold Rush Country, to name a few.

Peter Wratschun


I was born and raised in Austria, where my grandfather was a very prominent photographer. (Pioneer Aerial in the early WW1 years). Our family immigrated to Canada in my teen years - the best thing that could have happened to me. I totally enjoyed the explosion of learning a new language, customs and Canadian social life. My first 'real' Canadian job was at Northern Alberta Railways; working and surveying in the north. Being single, I had the freedom to work many different, interesting and totally unrelated jobs. I chose early retirement, with my career ending at CP Air (later to be Canadian Airlines). The enjoyment of my retirement started with my move to Ashcroft, BC in the fall of 1999. Photos have been my life-long interest, and hopefully will be, until I 'croak' at a happy, healthy age of 100+.

The only credit I'll take for my photos is seeing this magnificent region - my Nikons do the rest.

Victoria (Vicci) Weller


In my capacity as the Executive Director of Film for the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission, I have taken thousands of locations pictures and many film and commercial production photos in order to promote the Thompson-Nicola region to filmmakers worldwide. Many of my photos have been included in the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission Locations brochure, the Wildhorse Town & Westerns brochure, the film commission web site and several editions of the TNFC Directory of Services. This is mostly because I get to choose the pictures.